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Hemp oil shoppers today have a lot more to take into consideration as the market expands. Knowing what products and manufacturers are high-quality can be stressful. Hemp oil shoppers can have some peace of mind as we’ve created this simple guide to help you find the highest-quality products available, like those offered right here at Vitalized Hemp.


Budget is very important for hemp oil shoppers according to . You’ll need to compare several products to determine how to set your budget. There is a major difference in price between manufacturers and product types.

One factor that comes into play is what the manufacturer pays for bulk hemp oil. If they have a high initial cost, this can increase the cost to consumers. The type of hemp oil purchased is also a factor here as isolate can cost more than broad or full spectrum due to the extra processes an isolate has to go through.

When determining your budget, keep these things in mind:


Volume of bottle

Amount of hemp oil per serving

What you can spend monthly

Your ideal dose of hemp oil

Third-party lab testing

Servings of hemp oil per bottle

Type of bottle

Type of carrier oil used

From this list, it might sound like you have a big task in front of you, but that isn’t really the case.

In terms of ingredients and carrier oils, make sure the ingredients are all-natural. If a product mentions terpenes, make sure they are plant-based. Terpenes offer value and assist the aroma and flavor of the hemp oil product.

Why does the type of bottle matter? Hemp oil is sensitive to light and naturally crystallizes over time. Darker glass bottles are ideal. These bottles are designed to help keep UV light away from the hemp oil. This is also why olive oil bottles are dark.

As well as tips on buying CBD is concerned, Set your budget based upon your available funds, bodily needs and your personal preferences.


It is very important for hemp oil shoppers to know what their ideal dose or serving is. Of course, this ideal dose can change at any time and may be different from day-to-day depending on how your body is feeling. But, knowing how much hemp oil your body needs every day will help you know how many milligrams your body needs a month.

Weight does play a role in your ideal dose. Metabolism also needs to be considered. Those with faster metabolisms may notice that their bodies use the hemp oil faster. Those with larger body masses may need larger doses.

Examples of doses per bottle:

400 mg bottle contains 30 doses of 13 mg hemp oil

750 bottle delivers 25 mg doses, approximately 30 doses per bottle

A 1500 mg bottle delivers about 30 doses at 50 mg each

If you are a brand new hemp oil shopper and user, it might be ideal to start with 2 smaller bottles to help you determine your ideal dose and frequency.


Even though the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp, hemp oil is not legal everywhere. Idaho, South Dakota and Nebraska still strictly prohibit hemp oil. Most other states, even those that do not have medical cannabis programs, do allow the sale, possession and use of hemp oil.

It’s important to know what the laws in your specific state are.


Very few prescription medications interact negatively with hemp oil, but interactions do exist. The majority of these interactions involve negative impacts on the liver. It is ideal to discuss for tips on buying CBD that any potential interactions with your physician/s prior to starting hemp oil.

Some medications that could interact negatively with hemp oil are:

Valproic acid





CNS depressants


If you do not take these medications or others that could lead to a negative interaction, chances are – you won’t have anything to worry about. Always speak with your doctor before starting anything new – even if it is a natural option.


Does the hemp oil manufacturer offer lab test results on its website? This is important to look for. Trustworthy companies will display their third-party lab test results for customers to see. It’s one way that this industry is able to show customers that the hemp oil product is clean and safe.

If the company does display its lab results, take the time to actually look at them. Sure, it’s great to see that the company does have its products tested, but take the extra few minutes to see that every section tested passes.

Should you come across a company that boasts lab testing as part of their process but does not offer those lab results on their website, ask for images of their most recent test results.

It can be difficult to understand what the results on these tests are.  One thing that is likely to confuse hemp oil shoppers is LOQ. This means level of quantification or limit of quantification. This number represents how much of each compound/cannabinoid and other elements tested are present in the formula. Every state has different requirements. If you see something that says <LOQ, that means that there is less than the amount the lab tests for in the product if it is present.


Flavored hemp oil products are gaining popularity but what’s in those flavorings? Since many people choose to use hemp oil because it’s naturally-derived, the rest of the ingredients should be too. Plant-based terpenes may look like chemicals due to their names.

But, when reading product information, look for the source of the flavorings. If those sources are not available – ask. Flavor extracts might be derived from alcohol. Those extracts (like vanilla, peppermint and other grocery store-like extracts) can contain as much as 35% alcohol. Flavorings can be obtained through other means, such as distillation, steeping and non-alcohol extraction methods.


Hemp oil shoppers have a lot of items to check off when searching for high-quality hemp oil products online. Make sure the manufacturer’s product is what they say it is, like the products offered by us at Vitalized Hemp. Our goal is always to create the cleanest, freshest and purest hemp oil products possible.

That Was The Tips On Buying CBD, You Must Follow.